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Paddy Rynne Snr (RIP)

Relationship: Mikes nephew Kilnamona Ireland and Salisbury England.

"I remember the time Mike came home from America. He used to train outside his house and every evening 30-40 people would turn up to watch. He offered a couple of pounds to anyone who could hit him. One time he lost a gold cufflink.  His wife had given the cufflinks to him as a gift so he was very keen to get the lost one back. He offered my brothers and I two pounds if we found it. Well we were out there every day after school searching around in the grass and digging but we never did find it"

Memories from Steve Leydons Grandfather who grew up with Mike in Kilnamona

"Mike, my Grandfather, and their other young friends dragged an old wagon wheel to the top of a hill and rolled it down to see what would happen.  The wheel picked up speed then struck a stone fence at the bottom of the hill and became airborne.  The wheel struck a grazing mule in the back and fracture its spine.  The mule didn't die but had a sway back the rest of its life"
"The boys would play hurling on the roads.  Most of them couldn't afford proper equipment so they'd use a stone for a ball and flat sticks for a camán.  It wasn't uncommon for a boy to take a shot to the head and bleed.  They tried to wash off the dried blood before returning home but their Mothers' always noticed the injuries"
"They didn't have paper in school.  Each student used a slate to write on and to practice arithmetic problems.  One day an older boy forgot to bring his slate to school.  He tried to take Mike's slate so he wouldn't get in trouble with the schoolmaster.  Mike punched the older boy in the chest and knocked him down.  Nobody ever messed with Mike after that"

Memories from Patrick Broderick

"I met Mike Mctigue when I was 4 in 1951. It was in The Bronx, in New York. I'll look for the picture. Mike was a good friend of my father's"