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Enter a passenger search for Michael Mctigue. He is the one who was age 21 and the year was 1912. Once you register you can view/buy a copy of his passenger record, the ships manifest and an image of the ship he traveled on. You can see the details they recorded about his including the fact that he had $25 in his pocket when he boarded the ship. Facinating!
This link takes you to an image of the gloves Mike Mctigue used to win the World Light Heavyweight Championship on 17 March, 1923, defeating "Battling Siki" in a fight held in Dublin. The gloves are displayed at the Riches of Clare exhibition in Ennis, Ireland along with a short film of the fight.
Irish 1901 census page containing the complete list of Mike's family - Thanks to Monica Mctigue for the link and accompanying notes below:
First set of McTigues are Kippen (Patrick) and Ellen Neylon's children (Mike's parents) children = Mary Rynne, John (named after his granddad John McTigue), Bold Mike, Katie (Joe Breen's mom) and Maggie (P.J. Murphy's mom).... the rest were still in the oven (patrick, martin, james (my dad) & his twin paddy, thomas, ellen (helen brady/smith) Second set of McTigues are Kippen's father & mother (John & Catherine McTigue lived in the "Tom McTigue" house over at Michael O'Loughlin's they lived next door to their cousins the "Mike McTigues" with Bridget their mother Set of Neylons at the bottom I think are Ellen Neylon's family (Denis & Mary)
Hundreds of New York Times articles about Mike Mctigue available for a small fee.
Re-printed photocopied issues of this tough 1920ís boxing weekly magazine. Hardcore boxing publication that wasnít afraid to take on the controversial issues of the era. Also included an extensive listing of fight results in each issue that is difficult to find anywhere else. Press Ctrl+F then search for 'Mctigue' to find issues containing Mike Mctigue.
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