Winner 2009 Irish Film & Television Award (Sport documentary)

Troid Fhuilteach (A Bloody Canvas)
Andrew Gallimore, Fastnet Films, TG4

I have had a few requests asking if the documentary is available to buy. Here's hoping the documentary will be available for sale soon. We understand there are plans for this.

The Awards, presented annually by the Academy, are a platform to honour and celebrate outstanding Irish creativity, talent and achievement; to encourage a high standard of arts and technique in work produced.

The Jury is made up of Academy Voting Members across 14 different chapters of acting, writing, directing etc along with a selection of high profile industry experts from around the world, with the finest expertise in their fields.

Heading up the International Jury for the 2009 Awards was Oscar winning writer/director/producer Peter Jackson, whose credits include The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and King Kong.

The Irish Film and Television Awards (IFTAs) ceremony is considered Ireland's most prestigious awards event.

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